Sehusa Fest in Seesen – the biggest history party of North Germany

3. + 4. September 2016
42. Sehusa Fest

If in Seesen Tilly’s troops whip her camp, knights medieval sword fights exercise and finish the Schutten the big catapults for the fight – then time is again for the biggest history party of North Germany. With the annual Sehusa Fest the Seesener let her forefathers rise and show in spectacular pictures and scenes the history of her town.

In the more than 1000 – years of age city of Seesen the Sehusa Fest is celebrated since 1975 on the 1st week-end in September. Named after the first name Seesens and the castle Sehusa. More than 1000 citizens show in authentic garments in plays and dances historically occupied scenes from Seesens to past. The Sehusa Fest encloses a time span of the Middle Ages up to the rococo and is therefore as the biggest history party unique in North Germany.

For ten thousands of visitors this party with his special atmosphere remains a lasting experience.